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Professional athletic leagues for men are heads above women's when it comes to pay, endorsements, and media coverage. The purpose of this page is to educate about the evolving world of women's professional sports, through providing information about gender inequality in the professional sports league, resources for athletes, and links to women's professional sports leagues.

Where are the Women?

Professional athletics is a field largely dominated by men. Women have many cards stacked against them in getting the TV coverage and sponsorship they need in order to be successful.

While women in the sports of golf and tennis have proven successful. Other leagues such as softball, basketball, and volleyball have not. Every professional team of this type has been unsuccessful since the mid-seventies. In many cases these teams were drawing fan support, but were unable to get the support needed from sponsors and TV. In some cases these women teams were not able to get fans, sponsors, or TV support. One common feature of all of the women's professional basketball and volleyball teams, was a man behind the scenes.

According to Linda Vivas, former Major League Volleyball executive director, dealing with women athletes and strong, aggressive females in general cause problems for the United States. Women are more readily accepted into golf and tennis because they are not contact sports, making them considered less aggressive than team sports. "Women athletes are looked at as masculine and get the stigma of being gay." Image is an important component of women's athletics, so the consideration of lesbians in female sports causes a lot of debate.

Proposals for new athletic teams have been made under the assumption that professional women's athletics would now have more opportunities to exposure, the bottom line, due to cable TV. However, there are many female athletes who are leery of these proposals due to the history of women's professional sports. Some female athletes claim that due to the shakiness of finances they were never paid in the old league. In order for new leagues to be successful there needs to be owners, arenas, TV coverage, and players.

One component of the male domination in sports is not giving females equal access to coaching and weight training. "Sports is a place where physiological advantages give men power, and they're afraid of losing it."

In order to find a women's professional sports team that was somewhat successful you would need to go back in history almost fifty years to World War II. During this time when the men were gone The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was formed, and lasted 12 years. Looking at the success of this league and the failures of the more recent leagues you have to ask yourself if it is only possible for women to be successful in the absence of men?

Women's professional teams have been successful in Europe, Japan, South America, and Australia, which may partly be due to the lack of male competition outside the United States. Overseas women's basketball is not considered to be a weaker version of men's.

In order to get women professional sports teams to be successful in the United States we may need to change who is running them. There has been a lack of support by U.S. businesswomen for women's sports teams. While in Europe the best-run and most publicized teams are run by women who are small business owners. "Businesswomen here are too conservative and don't stick their necks out," states Joy Burns, president of Sportswomen of Colorado, Inc.

The future for women's athletics does not look all that bright. The lack of financial support goes deeper than simple economics to "the realm of deep-rooted sexual bias and homophobia."

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Illustration by Beth Gavrilles

We chose this symbol to represent professional women's sports because it grasps the competitiveness and strong enthusiasm of the players in professional women's sports. It represents professional women athletes because of the diversity of sports portrayed and the diversity of ethnicity in the people represented. This painting tells us that women are active in professional sports. A diversity of women are choosing to participate in a wide variety of professional sports and are take an active role in its evolution. Women are strongly committed to women's sports and are working to ensure the success of women's professional athletics. This artistic symbol takes the topic of women in sports in a different direction than our government source discussing Title IX, in the article Promoting Gender Equity in Middle and Secondary School Sports Programs. Title IX was passed to create gender equity in sports and it is assumed that through this law gender equity will be established. This painting does not portrays creating equal opportunities for women in sporting as the creation of a passive law, but as women taking an active roll to ensure that they are included in the world of sports, that they are given equal opportunities, and that they are taken seriously.



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